Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keep Nepal Free

Linda's (one year old but new to me) specialist blog Keep Nepal Free is now in my feed, thanks to Curzon at the Coming Anarchy blog. Early last year, I followed Linda's main blog but somehow lost contact when I started reading blogs through a newsfeed. On Linda's blog, Keep Nepal Free, Curzon writes this:
It's been quite a while since I first wrote about the appalling state of affairs in Nepal. The situation remains grim. The King continues his brutal crackdown on dissent, opposition parties have gone so far as to meet with the Maoist guerillas to plan joint protests against the king, relations with the US and India remain sour (leading to closer ties with China and North Korea), and there appears to be no easy end to the current mess.

How do I keep track of all this? Beside Google News, there's a great source of information for those of you opposed to a bloody Maoist takeover of the Himalayan kingdom: Keep Nepal Free. Author Linda is based in Nebraska but nonetheless keeps close tabs on Nepal-related news with regular updates. Next week is the site's one-year anniversary -- congrats on a unique blog Linda, and keep up the great work.
Please visit Curzon's post for the link to his original post on the appalling state of affairs in Nepal. This blog Nepal Watch is only used to file news on Nepal that I find while tracking news on the Sudan.


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